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About 4DVIZ

4DVIZ is a viewer to provide a stereographic view of a network from various perspectives. It is a 3D visualizer to overlay a huge amount of information with a time axis to allow anyone to easily see the correlation and the overall data trend with ease.

Recommended for customers with:

index_arrow_03.png no expertise in data analysis but need to see network trends
index_arrow_03.png a data analysis tool that needs certain knowhow to handle
index_arrow_03.png no suitable tool to visualize various data at the same time

> Movie: 4DVIZ Visualization Solution

Feature 1

No special data analysis knowledge is necessary

The correlation of various data is easily identified on the 3D visualizer to give users a bird's-eye view of various data on a network with a time axis.

Feature 2

Easy to use by anyone through intuitive operation

The data analysis functions are simple and easy to use; moving viewpoints by right/left click of a mouse or zoom in/out with a wheel.

Feature 3

Flexible visualization to meet users' needs

What and how to visualize. 4DVIZ provides the optimum visualization for various requirements by simply setting the rules for visualization. Customer support is also available whenever necessary.

Movie: 4DVIZ Visualization Solution

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How to use


4DVIZ visualizes objects of a service in use, and network infrastructure to support the service

No special knowledge is necessary. Easy to see the status of the service

index_arrow_03.png Highlight any faulty part
index_arrow_03.png Provide an open network for users, with the effect of less inquiries to call centers

Quickly identify the cause of failure in the service

index_arrow_03.png Provide a bird's-eye view of the service and infrastructure using multiple layers
index_arrow_03.png Easy to identify the cause-and-effect relationship of a failure at a glance

How to Apply


System Environment

Prepare the environment (e.g., server, middleware) to install this product.


Data Input

Input data in the database according to the 4DVIZ format.




The visualization results are displayed. 4DVIZ provides a replay function using the time axis and various viewpoints to overview a network.



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March 28,2018


The official website of "4DVIZ" has been released.

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